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Willie Mays Not Bothered by A-Rod's Pursuit | SFGate

New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez follows the flight of his two-run home run off Tampa Bay Rays relief pitcher Ernesto Frieri during the sixth inning of a baseball game Friday, April 17, 2015, in St. Petersburg, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara) Photo: Chris O'Meara, Associated Press
Photo: Chris O'Meara, Associated Press

Sentences don't get easier to write than "Alex Rodriguez is no Willie Mays" and concepts don't get easier to understand than the following:
Nothing Alex Rodriguez does on the field from a statistical standpoint diminishes the player Willie Mays was in any way, shape or form. Period. 
Those fans and sports-writers who have gotten their panties in a  twist consistently over their lack of understanding of this concept just need to take a Mydol and calm down. Records are made to be broken. Always have been, always will be.

Maybe they are finally beginning to "get it". Now that was a hard sentence to write.

Shea: Mays Not Bothered by A-Rod's Pursuit:
Sentences don’t get easier to write than that one.
That Rodriguez will wind up with more home runs than Mays changes nothing. Mays was superior on every front: hitting, fielding, running, leading, inspiring.
When A-Rod hits two more homers for his 660th, matching Mays, it won’t go over well in these parts — even in parts of New York, where old-timers remember what the Say Hey Kid did the first six seasons of his career, before the Giants moved to San Francisco.
One man isn’t bothered by A-Rod’s pursuit, and that’s the man being pursued. Mays is OK with Rodriguez matching or surpassing him.
“Why shouldn’t I be?” he said.
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Grounding Into Double Plays Records - Baseball Almanac

So maybe "Hits" McGehee becomes "GIDP" McGehee if he breaks Jim Rice's record of 36 set in 1984? There are some quality names on this list so I guess you have to be good enough to set this kind of a record.

But when you're hitting .190 and heading south or so and you have to sit a guy that is currently hitting .300 and heading north to get Matt Duffy in the lineup and keep McGehee in the lineup, my only question becomes:

"Why doesn't the .190 guy get a day off or dropped down in the lineup?"

"Sorry Boch, I couldn't hear you with all that bling coming off your three World Series rings. What did you say?"

"All right. I'll STFU and let you run the ship skip. But it sure seems like a dumb way to approach line-up construction, especially when the offense is struggling. But yeah, whatever."

It's ridiculous and it almost cost them a game last night. Then Panik has to ice the cake by "knocking" in the game-winning RBI with a fairly bad safety squeeze bunt.

Don't over-think it guys. The guy that sucks, sits. Period. That way they are incentivized to not suck so much.
In 159 games of 2014, McGehee grounded into an MLB-leading 31 double plays while batting .289 with 4 home runs and 76 RBI, winning the Major League Baseball Comeback Player of the Year Award for the National League.
Note: According to Grant at McCovey Chronicles, our boy is on pace to GIDP 94 times over 600 plate appearances!! Go for it, guys. 

from Baseball Almanac:

"As far as I'm concerned, (HankAaron is the best ball player of my era. He is to baseball of the last fifteen years what Joe DiMaggio was before him. He's never received the credit he's due." - Mickey Mantle in Baseball Digest (June 1970, John Kuenster, 'Warm Up Tosses', Page 8)
Grounding Into Double Plays
Career Grounding Into Double Play Records
In A Career
(Top 1,000)
Grounding Into Double Plays
Single Season Grounding Into Double Play Records
In A Season
(150+ Games Played)
In A Season
By A Rookie
(150+ Games Played)
St. Louis
MostIn A Season
(Top 500)
MostIn A Season
By A Lefthander
San Francisco
MostIn A Season
By A Righthander
MostIn A Season
By A Rookie
New York
St. Louis
MostIn A Season
By A Switch-Hitter
St. Louis
Most Seasons
Leading The League
(In Fewest GIDP)
ALIchiro SuzukiSeattle42001
NLRichie AshburnPhiladelphia61951
Most Seasons
Leading The League
(In Most GIDP)
ALJim Rice
NL Cincinnati41933
New York1944
MLMiguel TejadaBaltimore [AL]52004
Baltimore [AL]
Baltimore [AL]
Houston [NL]
Houston [NL]
Grounding Into Double Plays
Game Specific Grounding Into Double Play Records
MostIn A Game
Victor MartinezDetroit09-11-2011
New York
Grounding Into Double Plays Records

Friday, April 24, 2015

Giants sweep Dodgers!!!

McGehee needed this type of contribution to the team in the worst way. He looks like he is starting to press, he hasn't contributed much since the picture above, which is from Opening Day. 

One at-bat isn’t the end-all, be-all (but( it’s a relief, I guess, is the best word I can think of,” said McGehee, who left for pinch runner Matt Duffy. “In that last at-bat, instead of chasing hits, it was, `Let’s just get in there and compete instead of worrying about the outcome.’ The feeling I had in that at-bat and that swing is something I’ll file away and hopefully be able to build off.”

Lately, he makes me nervous when a ball is hit to him, when he throws a ball across the infield and he doesn't really do much for me when he is AB, unless I get a sudden craving to see another rally killing DP being bounced into.

McGehee  has to start turning things around or the drum starts getting beat for more PT at 3B for Mr. Matt Duffy, the hit machine. I know it's early......but.........
It doesn't help McGehee that the Fat Panda is out-hitting him by over 100 points or so. 

The whole middle of the Giants lineup has been a big, fat doughnut hole to the offense. McGehee, Posey and Belt have to do more than hit their weight if the Giants offense is going to click. I'm going to leave Crawford out of it for now because if he keeps putting up the highlight reels defensively at SS, I've always said I could tolerate him hitting .190,  I just didn't really think he would take me up on it long-term. 

Crawford should be a much better hitter than he is, I've been saying that for years.

He makes this play routinely. The clip is from April 10th and he just did it again the other night.

Rule 7.09 (h) on full display

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Anytime you can walk-off win against the Dodgers is a god win. I agree with Don Mattingly though, my first impression was "Dang, Roberto Kelly just cost us an out, big-time", but he got away with one. The umpires should know he's new and just learning the ropes on the 3B coaching side. The 3B umpire had his head on a swivel looking into LF (Why, IDK).

from ESPN:
 7.09 (h): It is interference by a batter or a runner when: (h) In the judgment of the umpire, the base coach at third base, or first base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists him in returning to or leaving third base or first base. (i) With a runner on third base, the base coach leaves his box and acts in any manner to draw a throw by a fielder.
Mattingly on umpires' explanation: "He didn't see it. He was watching the play. I don't know why the third-base ump is watching the play. There's nothing for him to watch. It's a ground ball to left. I don't know who's watching to see if he touched the base. I really don't know what the umpires' responsibilities are there. But I do know there's no way in baseball they allow the third-base coach to come up and basically block the runner from going forward, and that's what happened tonight. That's obviously a missed call. It's not reviewable from their explanation."
Third-base umpire Fieldin Culbreth: "Don came out and asked me did I see him grab him. I told him no, I did not see him grab him. . . . The rule is pretty specific in the fact that he had to touch and physically grab him and assist him in returning to the base. That did not happen. If he doesn't physically assist him in returning to the base then there's no interference."
It is a win against the Dodgers and I am not sorry to say I don't much care how it was acquired. I do look the new-look Yasiel Puig, who seems to finally "get" how the game is supposed to be played and is taking the Dodger veterans advice about behavior modification to heart. He is going to be a flat out beast.

Oh, and F-you Chris Rock. It seems as if the lines of baseballs ascent and the descent of AA-participation, sad though it may be, have been running in a pretty neat little correlation. Kind of throws your little monologue, cute though it may be, right into the dumpster where it belongs. 


I'll take the culture of baseball and hockey over that of the NBA and the NFL any day. Let's just compare police blotters. Another day, another  ex-NFL star convicted of murder. Ho-hum. When exactly was the last murder attributed to an MLB or NHL player?  

Maybe the community should bend to the mores of baseball and hockey instead of the other way around. We'd all be better off. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015 Stats: Chase Johnson

San Francisco Giants prospect Chase Johnson

This is a guy I could see moving up prospect charts pretty rapidly. A low 90's fastball and a tweener breaking ball (curve/slurve) with a build similar to Chris Heston, may leave his ceiling at a 3rd or 4th starter. But you need guys like that too. Johnson was a reliever in college, so a move back to the bullpen would not be out of the question either.

Johnson is currently stationed in High-A San Jose, so his approximate ETA in San Francisco would be either 2019 based on a one year per level adavnce or 2017 if he amps it up and hits the bigs by 25. Heston just turned 27 years old, I believe, so maybe patience is a virtue after all.

from Baseball America:
Chase Johnson
Proper Name: Chase Lucas Johnson
Born: Jan. 9, 1992 in Fallbrook, Calif.
High School: Fallbrook (Calif.) HS
College: Cal Poly
Ht.: 6-3 Wt.: 185
Bats: R Throws: R
201523San JoseCALHiA103.3821008.07430484.509.001.386.00
MINOR LEAGUE TOTALS994.32383300164.215998798571463.127.981.313.50
Drafted in the 26th round (796th overall) by the Texas Rangers in 2010 (did not sign)
Drafted in the 3rd round (101st overall) by the San Francisco Giants in 2013 (signed for $440,000)  Draft Report [+]  Premium

Giants Top Minor League Prospects

  • 1. Kyle Crick 6-4,220 RHP Power pitcher in the Matt Cain mold. High K-rate comes with High BB-rate. Low 90's FB with sink. Can be a top of the rotation starter once command/control issues ironed out. Mechanics are sound.
  • 2. Tyler Beede 6-4, 215 RHP from Vanderbilt projects as top of the rotation starter when he works out his command/control issues. When he misses, he misses by a bunch.
  • 3. Clayton Blackburn 6-3, 220 RHP Good low 90's FB with sink, excellent command of stuff, good secondary pitches. His 8.64 K/BB ratio is off the charts efficient.
  • 4. Adalberto Mejia 6-3,195 LHP Throws strikes and mixes pitches well. Good secondary stuff, projects as middle rotation guy. Keeps ball down and gets outs.
  • 5. Ty Blach 6-1, 210 LHP Glavine comps will give him a chance to rise fast.
  • 6. Keury Mella 6-2, 200 RHP Dominican signee is really opening eyes with a nice power arm
  • 7. Chris Stratton 6-3, 185 RHP Mississippi State Decent four-pitch mix, solid pitching frame. Can run FB to 94 MPH with movement. Throws SL/CB, with the slider the better of the two.
  • 8. Mac Williamson 6-4, 240 OF Wake Forest grad with five-tool potential if he hits advanced pitching.
  • 9. Derek Law 6-2, 210 RHP power arm with some deceptiveness in his delivery, could be a dark horse to contribute in 2014
  • _10. Joan Gregorio 6-7, 180 RHP potential closer material
  • _11. Aramis Garcia 6-2, 220 C from Florida INTL projects as a good bat behind the dish with enough defensive skill to play there long-term
  • _12. Daniel Carbonell 6-2, 215 Cuban signee, speedy, switch-hitting CF with power potential. Could be a five-tool player if he hits.
  • _13. Ryder Jones 6-2, 200 3B polished bat with some pop. Good athleticism for the corner IF
  • _14. Steven Okert 6-3, 210 LHP Oklahoma product, another power lefty prospect.
  • _15. Christian Arroyo 6-1, 180 SS very efficient with the bat, good hitting approach, test will be how he handles advanced pitching
  • _16. Martin Agosta 6-1, 180 RHP FB up to 94 mph with some sink. Plus secondary stuff, shows ability to mix pitches.
  • _17. Luis Ysla 6-1, 185 LHP from Venezeula cruises at 92-94MPH snd touches 97 on occasion, max effort delivery concerns, iffy slider, projects as reliever.
  • _18. Gustavo Cabrera 6-0, 190 OF INTL signee, 16 year-old compared to Justin Upton. Injuries slowed his progress in 2014
  • _19. Dylan Davis 6-0,215 OF Good size and speed package from Oregon State. Has a good arm so may challenge in RF down the road.
  • _20. Sam Coonrod 6-3, 215 RHP Hard-thrower got off to a good start in rookie ball, impressed with high K/BB ratio. Needs to keep ball in the yard.

2015 Top MLB College Draft Prospects

  • 1. Michael Matuella 6-6, 225 RHP Duke Nice four pitch mix, mid 90's FB and 12-6 CB. Potential top of first rounder.
  • 2. Nathan Kirby 6-2, 185 LHP Virginia Dominant starter, 92-93 MPH FB and power curve ball. Added an effective change-up.
  • 3. Carson Fullmer 6-0 RHP Vanderbilt Mid 90's FB compliments effective breaking ball and change-up for effective three pitch mix.
  • 4. Riley Ferrell 6-1, 200 RHP TCU closer for TCU upper 90's FB touches 98-99. Nasty high 80's slider makes him virtually unhittable as closer, can transition to starter
  • 5. Alex Bregman 5-11, 180 2B/SS LSU BS Freshman of Year in 2013 has all the tools, instinctive player.
  • 6. Kyle Funkhouser 6-3, 205 RHP Louisville FB cruises at 92-94 and touches 97.
  • 7. Walker Buehler 6-1, 170 RHP Vanderbilt Low 90's FB and competitive streak, will compliment Fullmer at top of rotation for defending champs.
  • 8. Kyle Cody 6-7, 245 RHP Kentucky Fastball sits at 93-96, 3:1 K/BB ratio in Cape Cod League, secondary stuff needs work
  • 9. Cody Pence 6-6, 240 RHP Cal Poly Pomona Nice four pitch mix, 95-96 MPH FB, plus cutter and curve
  • _10. Ian Happ 5-11, 190 OF Cincinnati Switch hitter with compact, line drive stroke, hard-nosed, high energy player
  • _11. Gio Brusa 6-3, 190 OF Pacific Switch hitter with above average power
  • _12. Phil Bickford 6-4, 200 RHP Cal State Fullerton (??) Good FB, power curve ball mix.
  • _13. Marc Brakeman 6-1 180 RHP Stanford 90-95 MPH FBm 47:7 K/BB ration in Cape Cod League, good swing and miss change and slider
  • _14. Richie Martin 5-10, 170 SS Florida Athletic ING with good speed and arm strength
  • _15. C.J. Hinojosa 5-11, 180 SS Texas Good instincts, confident player. Good arm, fringy power bat
  • _16. Kevin Newman 6-1, 180 SS Arizona Back to back Cape batting titles. Average arm, speed, controls strike zone well
  • _17. Alex Young 6-3, 200 LHP TCU Low 90's FB and slider, two pitch mix, projects as a starter
  • _18. Steven Duggar 6-2, 190 OF Clemson Good speed 6.3 60yd, good bat speed from left side. Potential five-tool guy
  • _19. Kyle Twoney 6-3, 170 LHP USC Easy delivery, good FB command 94 MPH FB
  • _20. Kevin Duchene 6-2, 205 LHP Illinois High 80's FB with nice change, strike thrower, repeatable delivery, good mound presence

2015 MLB Draft - Top National HS Players

  • 1. Justin Hooper 6-7, 230 LHP De La Salle HS (CA) 6-6 athletic lefty with mid-90's FB. UCLA commit.
  • 2. Kolby Allard 6-2, 175 LHP San Clemente HS (CA) easy mid 90's FB tops at 95MPH, good command with plus breaking ball and change. UCLA commit.
  • 3. Brendan Rogers 6-0, 195 SS Lake Mary HS (FL) Good speed and power, athletic IF. Florida State commit.
  • 4. Ashe Russell 6-4, 200 RHP Cathedral Catholic HS (IN) FB that sits at 92-94 and tops at 95 with average potential breaking ball. Could rise fast. Texas A&M commit.
  • 5. Daz Cameron 6-1, 185 OF Eagles Landing HS (GA) Athletic and toolsy player with power and speed. Son of Mike Cameron. Florida State commit.
  • 6. Mike Nikoriak 6-4, 205 RHP Stroudsburg HS (PA) FB sits at 94-96 with sionk. CB is inconsistent. QB prospect with Alabama commit.
  • 7. Beau Burrows 6-1, 200 Weatherford HS (TX) RHP FB workable breaking ball and change. FB sits at 94, tops at 96 with tilt. Texas A&M commit.
  • 8. Trenton Clark 6-0, 200 OF Richland HS (TX) speedy (6.6 60 yd) OF, solid line drive stroke with power potential, Texas Tech commit.
  • 9. Kyle Tucker 6-3,190 OF Plant HS (FL) Solid CF who can hit. Florida commit.
  • _10.. Nick Plummer 5-10, 200 OF Bloomington Brother Rice (MI) Physical, athletic lefty hitter with good bat speed.
  • _11. Chandler Day 6-4, 162 RHP Watkins Memorial HS (OH) solid 93 MPH FB
  • _12. Donny Everett 6-2, 220 RHP Clarksville HS (TN) Power pitcher tops at 96 MH FB
  • _13. Cole McKay 6-5, 215 RHP Smithson Valley HS (TX) Strong frame, power pitcher with some feel for pitching. 92-94 FB with late stuff. Curve and change are both above-average with sink to the change. Louisiana State commit.
  • _14. Chris Betts 6-2, 220 C Wilson HS (CA) Plus pure arm strength, arm stroke gets long for a catcher. needs work receiving, above average raw power from left side, good athlete. Tennessee commit.
  • _15. Hunter Bowling 6-7, 215 LHP American Heritage HS (FL) Great pitcher's build, projectible body. FB touches 93 MPH wit downward tilt. Slider is average, Florida commit.
  • _16. Ryan Johnson 6-3, 200 OF College Station HS (TX) Good bat speed and power bat. TCU commit.
  • _17. Luken Baker 6-4, 245 RHP/OF Oak Ridge HS (TX) Big, strong, physical two-way player. 94 MPH FB with extreme power bat. TCU commit.
  • _18. Wyatt Cross 6-3, 190 C Legacy HS (CO) One of the stronger arms behind the plate, plus pop time. Good strength and athleticism. North Carolina commit.
  • _19. Austin Riley 6-3, 220 RHP/INF DeSoto Central HS (MS) Two-way player and FB prospect as QB, FB touches 92-94 has power potential with bat from right side.
  • _20. Devin Davis 6-2, 210 1B/OF Valencia HS (CA) Two-way player who leads with the power bat. Hitting ability is advanced with natural power leverage in his stroke. Loyola Marymount commit.
  • _21. Thomas Szapucki 6-2,185 LHP Dwyer HS (FL) Three pitch arsenal with deceptive delivery. FB is low 90's with 93 top. Slider can show above average, with a workable change.
  • _22. Sati Santa Cruz 6-3, 230 RHP Sahaurita HS (AZ) Physical, power pitcher challenges hitters with a heavy FB that sits low 90's and touches 95. Secondary stuff needs work. Arizona commit.
  • _23. Corey Zangari 6-4, 230 RHP Carl Albert HS (OK) Also a catcher, his FB cruise at mid 90's and tops at 97. Breaking ball has potential but lacks consistency. Oklahoma State commit.

2015 Top Tampa Bay Area High School Baseball Players

  • LHP Nick Kennedy Alonso HS
  • OF Kyle Tucker 6-3, 175 Plant HS Good pure hitter and defensive OF. Solid skills across the board. Florida commit.
  • RHP Jake Woodford Plant HS Florida commit.

2015 Top MLB HS Draft Prospects (NW Suburban Chicago Area)

  • C Brandon Krennrich Johnsburg HS Kentucky commit.
  • OF Bobby McMillen Naperville Central
  • OF Brandon Post Elk Grove HS
  • OF Eric Giltz Wheaton Warrenville HS
  • RHP Anthony Holubecki Kaneland HS/IMG Academy(FL) - JR
  • RHP Bradley Parchute Marengo HS
  • RHP Brady Huffman Genoa-Kingston HS - JR
  • RHP Brenden Heiss Jacobs HS - JR
  • RHP Jake Esp Marmion Academy
  • RHP Mitchell Boyer Batavia HS
  • RHP/3B Joe Dittmar Richmond-Burton HS - JR
  • SS Connor Dall West Chicago HS