Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ryan Vogelsong “shifts course” on Astros, now “in serious discussions” with the Giants | HardballTalk

Be still my heart. Of course, this is exactly what I love to see....RESULTS!!! From my blog post of two days ago to the news of the day.

from The Slav's Blog:

BTWII, I keep hearing that the Giants may need to add a guy like Ryan Vogelsong. Last time I checked, Ryan Vogelsong was still available. SIGN VOGIE!!! You cheap bastards!!!

from Hardball Talk:
Ryan Vogelsong “shifts course” on Astros, now “in serious discussions” with the Giants | HardballTalk:
Free agent starter Ryan Vogelsong was said to be working toward an agreement with the Astros and even traveled to Houston on Monday to meet with team officials. But it appears those negotiations have suddenly collapsed. From the Twitter account of FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal … 
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It just makes more sense from both sides that Vogie ends up in SF than Houston. For the Giants, if you need a "Vogelsong-like" pitcher to fill out the staff, and Vogelsong is available, you don't give the fans Jason Marquis. From Vogie's side, I'm not sure he has enough mileage in him to see the results of the Astros rebuilding effort. Why not Pittsburgh and close that career circle instead?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Giants Get a Steal with Nori Aoki

Giants add former Kansas City Royals outfielder Nori Aoki

I like the deal initially and if Fan Graphs likes it, I like it even more. This should give the lineup a little more diversity and with McGahee, it should be a more disciplined, albeit less power-laden lineup, Plus, you get a little Pagan injury insurance at the top of the order.

You have basically replaced Sandoval and Morse with McGahee and Aoki. OK, who replaces the HR power you just lost? Posey, Pence and Belt likely will need to contribute 5 or more additional HR's each over last years output. Very doable if all three stay healthy.

I still think one more move is in the future and necessary for the Giants. As much as I would like that move to be Moncada, that would not help the title defense effort at all. Another pitcher? If the price of Shields comes down a bit, maybe. But with what Scherzer just signed for, I doubt there will be much of a Shields discount. If anything, Shields price tag to the Scherzer also-rans just went up a bit.

from Fan Graphs:
Giants Get a Steal with Nori Aoki:
With a $4 million base salary in 2015, it seems likely the second year option is probably around $7 million, and then some incentives could push it to the $12.5 million figure if he played really well. But even if he absolutely maxes out, that’s still less than what the crowd estimated, half of what I guessed, and only a fraction of it is guaranteed.
At this price, this is probably going to go down as one of the better free agent signings of the winter. Aoki isn’t any kind of star, but he’s a perfectly acceptable corner outfielder. He doesn’t have a platoon split issue, so he can play everyday.
He’s a good enough defender to not need to be subbed out for a late game replacement. And yet the Giants are basically paying him like a bench player.
Heyman notes that Aoki took less money to play for the Giants, so perhaps there’s some World Series discount in here, but this is still a huge bargain. In a market where worse players are signing for $20 million and costing their teams a first round pick, Aoki for $5 million is kind of amazing.

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P.S. Good to see the Giants brass appears to agree with my assessment of the deal.

BTW, the Cubs got the other guy I thought would be a good fit, for the same reasons as Aoki, in Dexter Fowler. Fowler would have cost a prospect or two while Aoki only costs payroll space.

BTWII, I keep hearing that the Giants may need to add a guy like Ryan Vogelsong. Last time I checked, Ryan Vogelsong was still available. SIGN VOGIE!!! You cheap bastards!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

#662 and I'm not sure which guy was from another planet either

CY YOUNG vs MVP - YouTube:

If you've seen a pitcher - batter confrontation as compelling as this in recent years, let me know.

Head to head, neither guys backs down. Bonds had just hooked a 99MPH fastball into the drink foul and Gagne, in true Major League style, eschews the request from his catcher to toss a change-up, choosing instead to "go with the heater". Which Bonds promptly yacks into the CF bleachers.

4 minutes of epic, classic baseball confrontation.

Just something to get away from the Hall of Fame blather.

OBTW, 40 days until Pitchers and Catcher Report. Music to my ears as the temps hover around zero in Chi-town.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

First-Timers Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez And John Smoltz, Holdover Craig Biggio Expected To Enter Baseball's Hall Of Fame

I use the 2015 Official Hall of Fame Ballot to confirm what my eyes tell me to fill out what would be my HOF ballot.

First-Timers Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez And John Smoltz, Holdover Craig Biggio Expected To Enter Baseball's Hall Of Fame:

In my more than 20 years of voting for baseball’s Hall of Fame, there has never been a ballot like the 2015 edition. There are arguably 15 players worthy of consideration, an unprecedented number. Usually, it’s fairly easy to focus on a trio of sure-fire candidates and then examine some who appear borderline. This year there are five first-time eligibles with excellent credentials, six holdovers and four who would be automatics if not for their steroid use.
Let’s take a closer look starting with the four first-timers on my ballot:
Randy Johnson – Nicknamed “The Big Unit” because of his menacing size, Johnson captured five Cy Young Awards, including a record-tying four straight from 1999 to 2002, and struck out 4,875 batters, second only to Nolan Ryan.
Pedro Martinez – A fierce competitor, Martinez compiled a career winning percentage of .687, the best mark of any pitcher who began his career after 1950 and sixth all time. He won three Cy Youngs and finished second twice.
John Smoltz – Best known for his clutch pitching in the postseason, Smoltz was 15-4 with a 2.67 ERA when it mattered the most. He’s also the only pitcher in history with more than 200 wins and 150 saves.
Gary Sheffield – Known for his consistent power and production, Sheffield had 14 seasons of more than 20 homers, eight with more than 30 and two with over 40.
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I like the two Bill James metrics, the HOF Monitor and the HOF Career Standards. The Hall of Fame Monitor (HOFm) measures the chances of a player being elected and the Career Standards (HOFs) measures how well a players career measures up to the typical standards of the HOF with 50 being the average Hall of Famer. Sort of the WAR of Hall of Fame metrics.

BTW: I think it was Bill James who said that there is likely five current Hall of Famers who used PEDs. I assume this is based on statistical anomalies through their career. Somebody also observed that this year's class will likely include two "suspect" players and I assume that excludes Bonds and Clemens, who nobody gives a chance of getting in this year.

The No-Doubters:
Bonds ( 76 HOFs ) and Clemens ( 73 HOFs )

The Don't have to think too hard:
Randy Johnson ( 65 ), Mike Piazza ( 62 ), Gary Sheffield ( 61 ) Pedro Martinez ( 60 )

Sorry, when you're better than 60% of the existing Hall of Fame, to not include these guys makes a mockery of guys that got in with significantly inferior stats by comparison, Last year, Frank Thomas was coronated with a 60 HOFs and Tom Glavine got in with a 52. Smoltz is considered a lock this year at a 44 HOFs. Reconcile that math, please.

The Should be in, not much argument:
Jeff Bagwell (59), Larry Walker (58), Craig Biggio (57), Mike Mussina (54), Sammy Sosa (52), Jeff Kent (51), Edgar Martinez (50).

If Frank Thomas gets in as pretty much a career DH, how does Edgar Martinez not make it? Here again a little selective discrimination, without much basis, against a guy who was just playing under the rule structure that was in place. I'm sure if he knew he would face this, he would have donned a glove and played the field more often.

The Maybe. Maybe next year crowd:
Fred McGriff (48)
Tim Raines (47)
Curt Schilling (46) If Smoltz gets in.....virtually statistically equal across the board
John Smoltz (44) Once he gets in, do we have to consider Steve Avery next year ?
Carlos Delgado (44) DH rule hurting here, as well?
Mark McGwire (42)
Brian Giles (41) Really?
Nomar Garciaparra (40)
Alan Trammell (40)
Don Mattingly (34)

See, this is where guys like Mattingly and Trammell get hurt. If they get in, I'm going to start beating the drums for Brian Giles to get in.

Ain't stats fun?

Epic rant by Ray Ratto in this article:

Suggested changes to the current system

Pure politics

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Evans: Giants 'staying engaged' with Rays on Zobrist | CSN Bay Area

So, let me get this straight, the Giants:
  • are not engaged with Scherzer, nor do we plan to be engaged with Scherzer
  • are out on Shields
  • are staying engaged with Zobrist
from CSN Bay Area:
Evans: Giants 'staying engaged' with Rays on Zobrist | CSN Bay Area:
While nothing appears imminent, Giants assistant general manager Bobby Evans told MLB Network Radio on Sunday morning that the team is "staying engaged" with the Tampa Bay Rays about a possible trade for infielder/outfielder Ben Zobrist.
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Sounds like the Giants are the biggest getting left at the altar, no free-agent getting-est, Super Tramps in the major leagues.

Let me know when the Giants are actually getting married to someone and where they'll be registered, because I'm getting tired of all these stupid updates and so-called rumors.

Equally as stupid are some of the trade proposals. I read some Internet clown from a website named Rays of Sunshine or something equally as inane, speculate that the price of the Giants acquiring Zobrist (who BTW turned out to be nearly Ted Williams incarnate, should be Kyle Crick, Andrew Susac and the obviously unproven Joe Panik.

OK genius, let's run through the math. For one year of control over Ben "Winter" Zobrist, the Giants should give up six years of control over the organization's  top pitching prospect and two guys who have at least "proven" themselves capable during a pennant race and the World Series, albeit not a full major league season? But the Giants have another 5-6 years of control over those guys. For one year of Ben Zobrist? I don't think I would give up any ONE of those guys straight up for a year of Ben Zobrist, regardless of how glorious that year might be. And BTW, I think Zobrist would be a great fit for the Giants, but sorry junior-GM, go back to your fantasy league dealings and STFU. You better hope the Rays new GM doesn't play his hand as foolishly as that among his peers, or you'll be taking your season tickets to Montreal or Havana or God knows where in the very near future.

I'm with the lunatic fringe on this one.

Signs You’re An Over-Obsessed Sports Fan

My bad, it was Rays Colored Glasses and the asking price was only Crick and Susac, but still....nothing like over-valuing your own. Zobrist is more valuable to the Rays at this point than almost anyone else, but then they end up with nothing for him and still outside of the playoffs. The Giants meanwhile can sit on their under-valued assets and keep winning championships.

According to Fans Graphs WAR stats, the Giants roster would have ranked 7th in the NL and the Royals 7th in the AL in WAR. And yet both statistically pathetic teams (the Giants rank behind the Cubs, for Pete's sake) made the World Series. So if all the pocket-protector GM's are so intent at worshipping at the mythical statistical God called WAR, so be it. Other can focus on winning games.

from FanGraphs:

Red Sox29.013.642.6
Blue Jays26.311.537.7
White Sox14.612.627.1

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NFL Black Monday: Because you can't fire the owner

Bears, Jets, Falcons, 49ers and you could add the Redskins to the list. The common thread is all except the "Skins just released their coach and / or their GM on Black Monday, but also that each one of these franchises has either bad or overly meddlesome and clueless ownership.

You can't fire the owner. I guess you can make the suggestion however.

The 49ers CEO said he and Harbaugh parted ways due to "philosophical differences". what does that mean? One wanted to win and one wanted to lose? The 49ers say they wanted more of a teacher and yet their ex-coach is going back to his alma-mater Michigan, where presumably he will have to be.......more of a teacher. Seems like they may have been closer philosophically than either imagined. Or maybe there was more to it.

In the Bears case, I guess you can't fire the QB either. Not after you just made him the highest paid QB in the league. And surrounded him with weapons. And gave him an offensive minded coach to replace the defensive minded coach who was presumably holding him back.  Hmmmm......what am I missing here? Something about the first law of holes....?

The Bears just keep ordering more shovels and hiring more ditch diggers. 

Goooooooooooo Bears!!! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No more "Blockbuster" for the Giants?

Well, there you have it. Perhaps no more "Blockbuster" for the Giants. 


If Scutaro is done, he'll forever be remembered not only for his hits in the 2012 postseason but also his skyward pose in the driving rain during Game 7 of the NLCS. Romo was on the mound as Scutaro enjoyed the downpour and threw the final pitch of that series and season.


They don't win in 2012 without him. They don't win without him coming over late season 2012 and spraying hits all over the yard. They don't win without him overcoming Matt Hollidays' dirt-bag slide in the NLCS that year and persevering long enough to dance in the rain and advance to Detroit. The great thing about it as I reviewed the You Tube below of that night was it was Matt Holliday's pop-up to Scutaro that precipated ( no pun intended ) the celebration, added a page to Giants lore as well as the Giants - Cardinals rivalry. The baseball gods were dancing in the rain that night as well. 


Was Matt Holliday's takeout slide of Marco Scutaro in the first inning of NLCS Game 2 a dirty play?
  • 55%
  • 45%
Discuss (Total votes: 127,077)

I Love a Rainy Night with the San Francisco Giants

Lots of great memories in Marco's short time with the Giants, he was a consummate professional. 

Scoots, your time with the Giants was too short, but your accomplishments and the memories are enough to last a lifetime. A great competitor and a great Giant. 

Giants Hot-Stove Buzz and Speculation

Cole Hamels Trade Rumors: Latest Buzz and Speculation Surrounding Star Pitcher

Let me see if I have this straight, the Giants are:
  • "in the picture on James Shields" @ 5 years / $110 million
  • "interested in acquiring" Cole Hamels @ $23.5 for next four years + $20 option year 2019 when he'll be 35
  • and "haven't talked to, don't plan to" talk to Matt Scherzer
2015 31 Philadelphia Phillies $23,500,000
2016 32 Philadelphia Phillies $23,500,000
2017 33 Philadelphia Phillies $23,500,000
2018 34 Philadelphia Phillies $23,500,000
2019 35 Philadelphia Phillies *$20,000,000
$20M Team Option, $24M Vesting Option, $6M Buyout Vests if he 1) has 400 IP in 2017-18, including 200 IP in 2018, and 2) is not on the disabled list with a shoulder or elbow injury at the end of the 2018 season

Hamels would be the most attractive from a contract versus performance potential comparison with Shields coming in second only because Scherzer is just looking to break the bank. He has Scott Boras as his agent, so go figure. Hamels will likely cost a king's ransom of prospects and seems attracted to San Diego under the "going home" banner. Hamels is from the San Diego area originally and reportedly would not mind ending his career there. So the Padres may have a leg up there and they have both the pieces to make a deal and a GM who is in wheeler-dealer mode right now.

The current signs point to either "Shields or bust" for the Giants with bust looking like the best bet.

from Bleacher Report:
Cole Hamels Trade Rumors: Latest Buzz and Speculation Surrounding Star Pitcher | Bleacher Report:

Philadelphia Phillies ace Cole Hamels has been the subject of numerous trade rumors and reports, as teams look to bolster their rotations with the lefty's services. The Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers have all expressed interest in acquiring the ace. 
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James Shields Rumors: Latest Buzz and Speculation Surrounding Star Pitcher

from Bleacher Report:
The final Shields numbers are expected to be close to the five years and $110 million remaining (if the option is picked up) on the Cole Hamels deal, according to one major league source who was privy to Shields’s demands. The Giants and Red Sox are in the picture, and the Yankees may be another suitor.


Maybe Cuban phenom switch-hitting, SS-3B Yoan Moncado as a decent consolation prize? Giants odds are 13-1 according to this analysis, but the Yankees and Red Sox are in on this kid, among others.

from Bleacher Report:
Moncada is 19 and packs a lot of tools into his 6'1/210 frame. He’s a plus-plus runner with above average raw power from both sides of the plate and the tools/skills to stick in the infield, possibly at shortstop. Moncada is the quick-twitch type with big bat speed that clubs covet, and his track record of hitting at big tournaments and in Cuba’s professional leagues is excellent considering his age. 
 Different sources had Moncada timed differently in the 60-yard dash, though he ran somewhere in the 6.56- to 6.6-second range. That gives him a 70 for his speed on the 20-to-80 scouting scale, or close to the top of the scale. Moncada reportedly looked better at third and second than he did at shortstop, with enough arm from any infield position. He swung the bat well from both sides of the plate, showing plus raw power both ways. The only negative was that Moncada didn't face live pitching, hitting only off of a BP pitcher. When asked to grade out his tools based on this workout, in combination with previous reports, one scout gave the following grades:
Hit - 60
Power - 60
Speed - 70
Arm - 60
Field - 50
Short-term Shields works, the back end of his contract is going to suck, not the same with Hamels or Scherzer, but they hurt you down the road in other ways. Moncado the risk is he flops, but that seems like a low-risk and the Giants have to win one of these Cuban lotteries, don't they?

Moncado would move the Giants hot-stove league grade from a B-/C+ level to a solid A-/B+ in a hurry. If you knew what Cain and/or Lincecum were going to give you in the next 2-3 year, life would be so much easier. But life is not like that.

Giants fans are looking for one more present under the tree waiting to see if upper management deems them to have been naughty or nice last year. Given the fan support and the results from what has to be a worn out cash register in the Giants back office, woe to management if there isn't at least one more gift to the masses.

Giants Top Minor League Prospects

  • 1. Kyle Crick 6-4,220 RHP Power pitcher in the Matt Cain mold. High K-rate comes with High BB-rate. Low 90's FB with sink. Can be a top of the rotation starter once command/control issues ironed out. Mechanics are sound.
  • 2. Tyler Beede 6-4, 215 RHP from Vanderbilt projects as top of the rotation starter when he works out his command/control issues. When he misses, he misses by a bunch.
  • 3. Clayton Blackburn 6-3, 220 RHP Good low 90's FB with sink, excellent command of stuff, good secondary pitches. His 8.64 K/BB ratio is off the charts efficient.
  • 4. Adalberto Mejia 6-3,195 LHP Throws strikes and mixes pitches well. Good secondary stuff, projects as middle rotation guy. Keeps ball down and gets outs.
  • 5. Ty Blach 6-1, 210 LHP Glavine comps will give him a chance to rise fast.
  • 6. Keury Mella 6-2, 200 RHP Dominican signee is really opening eyes with a nice power arm
  • 7. Chris Stratton 6-3, 185 RHP Mississippi State Decent four-pitch mix, solid pitching frame. Can run FB to 94 MPH with movement. Throws SL/CB, with the slider the better of the two.
  • 8. Mac Williamson 6-4, 240 OF Wake Forest grad with five-tool potential if he hits advanced pitching.
  • 9. Derek Law 6-2, 210 RHP power arm with some deceptiveness in his delivery, could be a dark horse to contribute in 2014
  • _10. Joan Gregorio 6-7, 180 RHP potential closer material
  • _11. Aramis Garcia 6-2, 220 C from Florida INTL projects as a good bat behind the dish with enough defensive skill to play there long-term
  • _12. Daniel Carbonell 6-2, 215 Cuban signee, speedy, switch-hitting CF with power potential. Could be a five-tool player if he hits.
  • _13. Ryder Jones 6-2, 200 3B polished bat with some pop. Good athleticism for the corner IF
  • _14. Steven Okert 6-3, 210 LHP Oklahoma product, another power lefty prospect.
  • _15. Christian Arroyo 6-1, 180 SS very efficient with the bat, good hitting approach, test will be how he handles advanced pitching
  • _16. Martin Agosta 6-1, 180 RHP FB up to 94 mph with some sink. Plus secondary stuff, shows ability to mix pitches.
  • _17. Luis Ysla 6-1, 185 LHP from Venezeula cruises at 92-94MPH snd touches 97 on occasion, max effort delivery concerns, iffy slider, projects as reliever.
  • _18. Gustavo Cabrera 6-0, 190 OF INTL signee, 16 year-old compared to Justin Upton. Injuries slowed his progress in 2014
  • _19. Dylan Davis 6-0,215 OF Good size and speed package from Oregon State. Has a good arm so may challenge in RF down the road.
  • _20. Sam Coonrod 6-3, 215 RHP Hard-thrower got off to a good start in rookie ball, impressed with high K/BB ratio. Needs to keep ball in the yard.

2014 Top MLB College Draft Prospects

  • 1. Michael Matuella 6-6, 225 RHP Duke Nice four pitch mix, mid 90's FB and 12-6 CB. Potential top of first rounder.
  • 2. Nathan Kirby 6-2, 185 LHP Virginia Dominant starter, 92-93 MPH FB and power curve ball. Added an effective change-up.
  • 3. Carson Fullmer 6-0 RHP Vanderbilt Mid 90's FB compliments effective breaking ball and change-up for effective three pitch mix.
  • 4. Riley Ferrell 6-1, 200 RHP TCU closer for TCU upper 90's FB touches 98-99. Nasty high 80's slider makes him virtually unhittable as closer, can transition to starter
  • 5. Alex Bregman 5-11, 180 2B/SS LSU BS Freshman of Year in 2013 has all the tools, instinctive player.
  • 6. Kyle Funkhouser 6-3, 205 RHP Louisville FB cruises at 92-94 and touches 97.
  • 7. Walker Buehler 6-1, 170 RHP Vanderbilt Low 90's FB and competitive streak, will compliment Fullmer at top of rotation for defending champs.
  • 8. Kyle Cody 6-7, 245 RHP Kentucky Fastball sits at 93-96, 3:1 K/BB ratio in Cape Cod League, secondary stuff needs work
  • 9. Cody Pence 6-6, 240 RHP Cal Poly Pomona Nice four pitch mix, 95-96 MPH FB, plus cutter and curve
  • _10. Ian Happ 5-11, 190 OF Cincinnati Switch hitter with compact, line drive stroke, hard-nosed, high energy player
  • _11. Gio Brusa 6-3, 190 OF Pacific Switch hitter with above average power
  • _12. Phil Bickford 6-4, 200 RHP Cal State Fullerton (??) Good FB, power curve ball mix.
  • _13. Marc Brakeman 6-1 180 RHP Stanford 90-95 MPH FBm 47:7 K/BB ration in Cape Cod League, good swing and miss change and slider
  • _14. Richie Martin 5-10, 170 SS Florida Athletic ING with good speed and arm strength
  • _15. C.J. Hinojosa 5-11, 180 SS Texas Good instincts, confident player. Good arm, fringy power bat
  • _16. Kevin Newman 6-1, 180 SS Arizona Back to back Cape batting titles. Average arm, speed, controls strike zone well
  • _17. Alex Young 6-3, 200 LHP TCU Low 90's FB and slider, two pitch mix, projects as a starter
  • _18. Steven Duggar 6-2, 190 OF Clemson Good speed 6.3 60yd, good bat speed from left side. Potential five-tool guy
  • _19. Kyle Twoney 6-3, 170 LHP USC Easy delivery, good FB command 94 MPH FB
  • _20. Kevin Duchene 6-2, 205 LHP Illinois High 80's FB with nice change, strike thrower, repeatable delivery, good mound presence

2014 MLB Draft - Top National HS Players

  • 1. Justin Hooper 6-7, 230 LHP De La Salle HS (CA) 6-6 athletic lefty with mid-90's FB. UCLA commit.
  • 2. Kolby Allard 6-2, 175 LHP San Clemente HS (CA) easy mid 90's FB tops at 95MPH, good command with plus breaking ball and change. UCLA commit.
  • 3. Brendan Rogers 6-0, 195 SS Lake Mary HS (FL) Good speed and power, athletic IF. Florida State commit.
  • 4. Ashe Russell 6-4, 200 RHP Cathedral Catholic HS (IN) FB that sits at 92-94 and tops at 95 with average potential breaking ball. Could rise fast. Texas A&M commit.
  • 5. Daz Cameron 6-1, 185 OF Eagles Landing HS (GA) Athletic and toolsy player with power and speed. Son of Mike Cameron. Florida State commit.
  • 6. Mike Nikoriak 6-4, 205 RHP Stroudsburg HS (PA) FB sits at 94-96 with sionk. CB is inconsistent. QB prospect with Alabama commit.
  • 7. Beau Burrows 6-1, 200 Weatherford HS (TX) RHP FB workable breaking ball and change. FB sits at 94, tops at 96 with tilt. Texas A&M commit.
  • 8. Trenton Clark 6-0, 200 OF Richland HS (TX) speedy (6.6 60 yd) OF, solid line drive stroke with power potential, Texas Tech commit.
  • 9. Kyle Tucker 6-3,190 OF Plant HS (FL) Solid CF who can hit. Florida commit.
  • _10.. Nick Plummer 5-10, 200 OF Bloomington Brother Rice (MI) Physical, athletic lefty hitter with good bat speed.
  • _11. Chandler Day 6-4, 162 RHP Watkins Memorial HS (OH) solid 93 MPH FB
  • _12. Donny Everett 6-2, 220 RHP Clarksville HS (TN) Power pitcher tops at 96 MH FB
  • _13. Cole McKay 6-5, 215 RHP Smithson Valley HS (TX) Strong frame, power pitcher with some feel for pitching. 92-94 FB with late stuff. Curve and change are both above-average with sink to the change. Louisiana State commit.
  • _14. Chris Betts 6-2, 220 C Wilson HS (CA) Plus pure arm strength, arm stroke gets long for a catcher. needs work receiving, above average raw power from left side, good athlete. Tennessee commit.
  • _15. Hunter Bowling 6-7, 215 LHP American Heritage HS (FL) Great pitcher's build, projectible body. FB touches 93 MPH wit downward tilt. Slider is average, Florida commit.
  • _16. Ryan Johnson 6-3, 200 OF College Station HS (TX) Good bat speed and power bat. TCU commit.
  • _17. Luken Baker 6-4, 245 RHP/OF Oak Ridge HS (TX) Big, strong, physical two-way player. 94 MPH FB with extreme power bat. TCU commit.
  • _18. Wyatt Cross 6-3, 190 C Legacy HS (CO) One of the stronger arms behind the plate, plus pop time. Good strength and athleticism. North Carolina commit.
  • _19. Austin Riley 6-3, 220 RHP/INF DeSoto Central HS (MS) Two-way player and FB prospect as QB, FB touches 92-94 has power potential with bat from right side.
  • _20. Devin Davis 6-2, 210 1B/OF Valencia HS (CA) Two-way player who leads with the power bat. Hitting ability is advanced with natural power leverage in his stroke. Loyola Marymount commit.
  • _21. Thomas Szapucki 6-2,185 LHP Dwyer HS (FL) Three pitch arsenal with deceptive delivery. FB is low 90's with 93 top. Slider can show above average, with a workable change.
  • _22. Sati Santa Cruz 6-3, 230 RHP Sahaurita HS (AZ) Physical, power pitcher challenges hitters with a heavy FB that sits low 90's and touches 95. Secondary stuff needs work. Arizona commit.
  • _23. Corey Zangari 6-4, 230 RHP Carl Albert HS (OK) Also a catcher, his FB cruise at mid 90's and tops at 97. Breaking ball has potential but lacks consistency. Oklahoma State commit.

2015 Top Tampa Bay Area High School Baseball Players

  • Jake Woodford RHP Plant HS Florida commit.
  • Kyke Tucker 6-3, 175 OF Plant HS Good pure hitter and defensive OF. Solid skills across the board. Florida commit.

2015 Top MLB HS Draft Prospects (NW Suburban Chicago Area)

  • Bradley Parchute RHP Marengo HS
  • Brandon Krennrich C Johnsburg HS Kentucky commit.
  • Jake Esp RHP Marmion Academy