Thursday, April 14, 2011

OBAMANOMICS - From the Sophist in Chief

If the shoe fits, WEAR IT!!!


noun /ˈsäfist/
sophists, plural

A paid teacher of philosophy and rhetoric in ancient Greece, associated in popular thought with moral skepticism and specious reasoning

A person who reasons with clever but fallacious arguments

sophism - A flawed argument superficially correct in its reasoning, usually designed to deceive. An intentional fallacy

sophism - a deliberately invalid argument displaying ingenuity in reasoning in the hope of deceiving someone

sophism - A plausible argument that is actually fallacious, especially when someone dishonestly presents it as if it were legitimate reasoning.

sophists - traveling teachers that taught how to win an argument; didn't believe in gods; refused the idea of an absolute right or wrong


In 2006, Senator Obama argued and voted against raising the debt ceiling. In 2007 and 2008, he didn't even bother to vote.

In 2006...

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

Obama and Warren Buffet don't need tax breaks. 

They both would be willing to "give" more in taxes, but they've never been asked. 
In what Bizarre-o world are taxes paid equated to "voluntary charitable giving" and taxes charged by the government are equated to a "voluntary request" for payment.

Am I missing the part of the tax code that outlines the penalties for non-compliance. 
This is the same mind-set that believes the federal government provides "subsidies" to churches because it does not tax them. It's all the governments property, they just decide to let you keep some of it. 


Obama will cut deficit in half FEB 2009

"Obama talks about how he will cut the deficit in half during his first term - and why it's so important. Really? The 2008 budget deficit was 458 billion. Obama's proposed new budget for this year has a deficit of 1.1 TRILLION. For God's sake - WTF???"
Let me see if I get this straight Chief. "You were going to cut the deficit in half, before you decided to double it as far as the eye can see." Is that about right? Or am I not hearing the words that are coming out of your Teleprompter correctly?
PLAN A - fail miserably
PLAN B - hope electorate forgot about PLAN B and proceed to PLAN B
PLAN B - lather, rinse, repeat.
Obamanomics = Bullshit²
What happened in Wisconsin showed that the mind-set of these government idiots and their lackeys is "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine to if I want to take it." 
Our standard of living has been a bit of a charade for decades and now the bill is coming due. GDP has been highly subsidized by government spending for many years, growth has been an illusion.

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Giants Top Minor League Prospects

  • 1. Tyler Beede 6-4, 215 RHP from Vanderbilt projects as top of the rotation starter when he works out his command/control issues. When he misses, he misses by a bunch.
  • 2. Christian Arroyo 6-1, 180 SS very efficient with the bat, good hitting approach, test will be how he handles advanced pitching
  • 3. Bryan Reynolds 6-2, 210 OF Switch hitter with average speed and polished hitting approach. Fits Giants mold of high-floor, low-ceiling prospects. .
  • 4. Chris Shaw 6-3. 230 1B Lefty power bat, limited defensively to 1B, Matt Adams comp?
  • 5. Andrew Suarez 6-2, 185 LHP Miami grad, not over powering, but gets guys out.
  • 6. Sandro Fabian 6-0, 180 OF Dominican signee from 2014, shows some pop in his bat. Below average arm and lack of speed should push him towards LF.
  • 7. Joan Gregorio 6-7, 180 RHP Misses bats, buts also missed the strike zone too much. Twenty five years old and in AAA, may be time to put up or move along.
  • 8. Stephen Duggar 6-1, 170 CF Another toolsy, under-achieving OF in the Gary Brown mold, hoping for better results.
  • 9. Aramis Garcia 6-2, 220 C from Florida INTL projects as a good bat behind the dish with enough defensive skill to play there long-term
  • 10. Heath Quinn 6-2, 190 OF Strong hitter, makes contact with improving approach at the plate. Returns from hamate bone injury.
  • 11. Jordan Johnson 6-3,200 RHP His FB cruises at 93-96 mph and touched 98, while averaging 12.3 K/9, with improved command, he could become a mid-rotation starter
  • 12. Sam Coonrod 6-3, 215 RHP Hard-thrower got off to a good start in rookie ball, impressed with high K/BB ratio. Needs to keep ball in the yard.
  • 13. Matt Krook 6-4, 225 LHP Can be unhittable at times. Has outstanding life on 92-94 MPH FB. CB can be a plus-plus pitch with power and depth, slider shows flashes. If he can't harness his stuff well enough to stay in the rotation, his FB/CB combo could still make him a high-leverage reliever.
  • 14. Austin Slater 6-2, 215 2B well-schooled from Stanford Univ. via The Bolles School in Jacksonville FL good size, speed combo with hit tool playing well through AA. Line drive, gap hitter with 15HR power potential

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  • 4. D.L. Hall 6-2, 180 LHP Valdosta HS (GA)
  • 5. Jordan Adell 6-3, 205 OF Ballard HS (KY)
  • 6. Austin Beck 6-1, 190 OF North Davidson HS (NC)
  • 7. Hans Crouse 6-4, 185 RHP Dana Hills HS (CA)
  • 8. Nick Pratto 6-2, 195 LHP Huntington Beach HS (CA)
  • 9. Shane Baz 6-3, 185 RHP Concordia Lutheran HS (TX)
  • 10. Brady McConnell 6-3, 175 SS Merritt Island HS (FL)
  • Others: Bubba Thompson 6-2, 175 OF McGill-Toolen HS (AL) Heliot Ramos 6-2, 185 OF Leadership Christian Academy HS (PR) Blayne Enlow 6-3, 180 RHP St. Amant HS (LA) Matthew Sauer 6-4, 200 RHP Ernest Righetti HS (CA) Sam Carlson 6-4, 200 RHP Burnsville HS (MN)

2017 Top MLB College Draft Prospects

  • 1. Kyle Wright 6-4, 200 RHP Vanderbilt
  • 2. Brendan McKay 6-2, 200 LHP Louisville
  • 3. J.B. Bukauskas 6-0, 190 RHP North Carolina
  • 4. Alex Faedo 6-4, 220 RHP Florida
  • 5. Jeren Kendall 5-11, 190 OF Vanderbilt
  • 6. Pavin Smith 6-2, 210 1B Virginia
  • 7. Adam Haseley 6-1, 195 OF Virginia
  • 8. Alex Lange 6-3, 200 RHP LSU
  • 9. David Peterson 6-6, 240 LHP Oregon
  • 10. Seth Romero 6-3, 240 LHP Houston
  • Others: Brian Miller 6-0, 185 OF North Carolina Jake Burger 6-2, 210 3B Missouri State Keston Hiura 6-0, 185 OF UC Irvine Clarke Schmidt 6-1, 205 RHP South Carolina Griffin Canning 6-1,175 RHP UCLA Tristan Beck 6-4, 165 RHP Stanford Tanner Houck 6-5, 200 RHP Missouri Wil Crowe 6-2, 250 RHP South Carolina Nate Pearson 6-6, 245 RHP Central Florida CC Logan Warmouth 6-0, 190 SS North Carolina Brendon Little 6-2, 215 LHP State JC of Florida

2017 Top MLB HS Draft Prospects in Jacksonville Area

  • 1. Austin Martin SS 6-1-170 Trinity Christian Academy commit to Vanderbilt
  • 2. A.J. Labas RHP 6-3, 220 Trinity Christian Academy commit to University of North Florida

2017 Top MLB HS Draft Prospects in Tampa Bay Area

  • 1. C.J. Van Eyk 6-2, 200 RHP Steinbrenner HS commit to FSU
  • 2. Tim Elko 6-3, 225 1B Hillsborough HS Tone of raw power from the bat, limited defensively
  • 3. Jordan Butler 6-1, 180 LHP Alonso HS (Tampa) Heavy FB and above avg. slider. Florida commit
  • 4. Conor Grady 6-2, 185 RHP Tampa Catholic HS (Tampa) Sinking 88-90 FB, workable CB and change