Thursday, June 05, 2008


1. RAYS - The Rays as expected pick Tim Beckham, Griffin HS with the first pick. has him at 6 foot even but I've seen him listed at 6-2 as well. A five-tool prospect to add to the Rays collection of premium prospects. Buster Posey's bonus demands may have priced him away from the Rays, but drafting a catcher this high might have been a bit of a risk.

2. PIRATES - The Pirates, also as expected, select Pedro Alvarez SB from Vanderbilt. A 6-2,210 power hitter from the left side, has the best chance to make an immediate impact with the bat. A broken hamate bone in his wrist is a slight concern as will be his expected bonus demands, but the Pirates could use his bat soon.

The Royals are on the clock....Posey might be the move here.

3. ROYALS - Royals build for the future with Florida prep 1B Eric Hosmer 6-4, 215, he might have been the best HS bat available.

Orioles are on the clock now...they have been looking at the college pitchers Brian Matusz and Aaron Crow. If it's a coin flip between the two, I would take the lefty.

4. ORIOLES - The Orioles take LHP Brian Matusz from University of San Diego. He's 6-4,200 has good velocity and four solid pitches. Sound like you can't go wrong there. Too bad he didn't last one more pick.

The Giants are now on the clock....One of the college pitchers Crow or Tanner Scheppers from Fresno State would look good here. Justin Smoak a power hitting 1b from South Carolina might help soon as well.

5. GIANTS - The Giants surprise a bit by taking Buster Posey from Florida State. 6-1,205 good defense behind the plate and a solid bat. A little raw, but athletic behind the plate, his bat should have him ready for the bigs in short order.

The Marlins are on the clock....the buzz is they like prep catcher Kyle Skipworth from California and possibly local product 18 Yonder Alonzao from the Univ of Miami.

6. FLORIDA - Marlins pick Kyle Skipworth 6-3,195 C from Patriot HS, (CA) Good arm, good bat. Good pick for the future.

The Reds are on the clock...tough read on the Reds could be Smoak, could be Crow, could be one of the IF's Gordon Beckham from UGA or Brett Lawrie IF from Canada.

7. REDS - Yonder Alonzo from Univ of Miami. 6-2,215 power hitting lefty bat.

The White Sox are on the clock...will be interesting to see if the go for the bat (Smoak) or the pitcher (Crow or Scheppers).

8. WHITE SOX - Sox surprise a bit with Univ. of Georgia SS Gordon Beckham. 6-0,185 decent bat, not a toolsy guy, just a player. Could move to 2B down the road.

The Nationals are on the clock....Tough read on them as well, pitching is an obvious need.

9. NATIONALS - Aaron Crow RHP from Missouri. 6-2,205. Played well in the Cape Cod League, might be the top college pitcher in the draft. Three plus pitches and a power arm, he should rise fast.

Houston is on the clock....can use some power bats, Smoak 1B or Brett Wallace 3B are possibilities.

10. ASTROS - A bit os a surprise, Jason Castro C Stanford 6-3, 215. A good enough lefty bat fills a need for the Astros.

Rangers are on the clock.....looking for pitching possibly a closer maybe Scheppers or Shooter Hunt from Tulane (best name in the draft).

11. RANGERS - surprise, Justin Smoak switch-hitting 1B from Univ. of South Carolina 6-4, 215 with good power.

Oakland A's are on the clock.....Brett Wallace or Conor Gillespie, the college 3B or Aaron Hicks, the prep CF from CA are on the radar.

12. A'S - Jemile Weeks 2B from the Univ. of Miami. A 5-10,175 solid pick, Brother of Brewers Rickie Weeks, not the same type of bat speed or power. Switch-hitter good bat, might move to the OF down the road.

Cardinals are on the clock....LHP Christian Friedrich from Eastern Kentucky is on their board as well as RHP Ryan Perry from Arizona.

13. CARDINALS - 3B/1B Brett Wallace from Arizona State. 6-3, 235 power bat. Might not have the glove for 1B. He'll have to hit to move Pujols off the position. Good plate discipline, seemd like a fit for the high-OBP A's.

Twins are on the clock....they could take one of the HS athletes still on the board like Hicks, Lawrie or HS pitchers Ethan Martin and Tim Melville.

14. TWINS - Aaron Hicks RHP/OF from Wilson HS in Long Beach (CA). Great tools as on OF, can pitch as well reaching 95 and cruising in the low 90's. Was picked as an everyday player, so he should project well to the OF for the twins.

The Dodgers are on the clock now...were rumored to be high on Hicks, just selected, may settle for Casey Kelly the SS_RHP out of Sarasota, FL.

15. DODGERS - Etan Martin 3B/RHP from Stephens HS (GA). Could be a college QB prospect. Mid 90's fastball. Interesting pick.

Milwaukee is on the clock....normnally go for the high ceiling guys (Kelly) could also look at the college closers as a need pick.

16. BREWERS - Brett Lawrie C/3B from B.C Canada at 5-11,200, showed power late in a high profile tournament to elevate up the boards late.

Blue Jays are on the clock...Brett Wallace was rumored to be on their wish list, maybe a Connor Gillespie 3B Wichita State as next best available??

17. BLUE JAYS - David Cooper 1B Cal Berkley 6-1,210 LH hitting with legit power. Not much with the glove.

18. METS - Isaac Davis 1B 6-4,215 from Arizna State. Another 6-4,215 LH hitting power guy. Son of ex-major leauger Ron Davis.

Cubs are on the clock....still a lot of pitching on the board.

19. CUBS - Andrew Cashner RHP from TCU a real power arm, projects as a closer. 6-5,190 mid 90's FB with a power slider.

Mariners are on the clock.....were rumored to be high on Cashner, maybe Shooter Hunt here?

20. MARINERS - Joshua Fields RHP Univ. of Georgia legit closer prospect.6-0, 180 but brings heat. 2nd rounder by the Braves last year.

Tigers are on the clock....rumored to like the power arm 100+ of Gerri Cole HS pitcher from CA.

21. TIGERS - RHP Ryan Perry from Univ. of Arizona 98MPH FB and a good slider. 6-4, 200 closer prospect.

Mets are back on the clock...pitching in this spot?

22. METS - Wow!!! Reese Havens SS from Univ. South Carolia. Will move off SS with the Mets due to the presence of Jose Reyes, maybe 2B??

Padres are on the clock...rumored to like Havens who just came off the board and possibly Shooter Hunt as a closer?? Lefty Christain Friedrich would be a good value pick here as well.

23. PADRES - Allan Dykstra 1B from Wake Forest. A 6-5,240 power hitting 1B. Seems like ther have been quite a few of those in this draft.

Phillies are on the clock...they tend to like toolsy prep players, maybe Casey Kelly here or Zach Collier from CA.

24. PHILLIES - Anthony Hewitt SS 6-1,195 from Salisbury School (CT), might be the highest rated pure athlete in the draft, good arm, athleticism could move him to the OF. The bat is a major question mark that will determine if this big-risk turns into a big-reward.

Rockies are on the clock....

25. ROCKIES - Christian Friedrich LHP Eastern Kentucky good K-BB ratio, dominated his level. 6-3,210 lbs. he may have been the 2nd best LHP in the college ranks.

Diamondbacks are on the clock....closers are off the board which is what they were rumored to be interested in.

26. ARIZONA - LHP Daniel Shlereth from Univ. of Arizona, son of ESPN and former NFL'er Mark Shlereth. A mid-90's FB and a power slider should put him on the fast-track to the bigs. Maybe a bit of a reach.

Twins are back on the clock....athletes r' us for the Twinkees.

27. TWINS - OUCH!! RHP Carlos Gutierrez 6-3,205 RHP from Univ. of Miami, the biggest reach of the first round so far, plus he's hurt. What are the Twinkees thinking? You can't tell me this guy would not have been there a couple of rounds down the road. This has to be a budgetary pick, with two first-rounders, there must have been birds chirping in the Twins war room, CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP.

On a side note this is now beginning to look like an NFL draft with two University of Miami (The-U) players picked so far.

Yankees are on the clock....

28. YANKEES - Gerrit Cole RHP from Luthean HS (CA) huge power arm, 100+ MPH with signability concerns (Boras client) at 6-3,200 he projects as a huge power pitcher down the road.

Indians are on the clock...

29. INDIANS - Lonnie Chisenall 6-1,200 SS with character issues (burglary charge) from Pitt(NC) CC via Univ. of South Carolina. Might be the second biggst surprise in the round. He could have been available to them later.

30. RED SOX - Casey Kelly SS/RHP Sarasota HS 6-3,195 one of the premier athletes in the prep ranks. QB prospect with Tennessee. Raw as a pitcher anbd the bat is the big question mark as a SS, but a premium pick here for the Sox. Son of ex-major leaguer Pat Kelly.
That concludes the first round. The compensation round begins in about 15 minutes.

Surprises/Prospects still on the board:

Tim Melville RHP Holt HS (MO)
Shooter Hunt RHP Tulane
Zach Collier OF Chino Hills HS (CA)
Brett DeVall LHP Niceville HS (FL)
Alex Mayer RHP Greensburg HS (IN)
Conor Gillespie 3B Wichita State
Jake Odrizzi RHP Highland HS (IL)
Tanner Scheppers RHP Fresno State
Isaac Galloway OF Los Oros HS (CA)
Roger Kieschnick OF Texas Tech
Adrian Nieto C American Heritage HS (FL)
Jordan Danks OF Texas
Ross Seaton RHP Second Baptist HS (TX)
Daniel Webb RHP Heath HS (KY)
Chris Carpenter RHP Kent State
31. TWINS - Shooter Hunt, RHP Tulane
32. BREWERS - Jacob Odirizzi, RHP Highland HS (IL)
33. METS - Bradley Holt RHP UNC-Wilimigton
34. PHILLIES - Zach Collier OF Chino Hills HS (CA)
35. BREWERS - Evan Frederickson LHP Univ. San Francisco
36. ROYALS - Michael Montgomery LHP Hart HS (CA)
37. GIANTS - Connor Gillespie 3B Wichita State (YEAH!!!)
38. ASTROS - Jordan Lyles RHP Hartsville HS (SC)
39. CARDINALS - Michael Lynn RHP Univ Mississippi
40. BRAVES - Brett DeVall LHP Niceville HS (FL)
41. CUBS - Ryan Flaherty SS Vanderbilt
42. PADRES - Jeff Decker OF Sunrise Mountain HS (AZ)
43. ARIZONA - Wade Miley LHP SE Louisiana
44. YANKEES - Jeremy Bleich LHP Stanford U
45. RED SOX - Brian Price RHP Rice University
46. PADRES - John Forsythe 3B Univ. Arkansas Fayetteville

That concludes the First Round and the Compensation Round.

I like the Giants first two picks, this might have been the approach they should have been taking in the last couple of years, Posey and Gillespie could help the big club relatively quickly.
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Giants Top Minor League Prospects

  • 1. Tyler Beede 6-4, 215 RHP from Vanderbilt projects as top of the rotation starter when he works out his command/control issues. When he misses, he misses by a bunch.
  • 2. Chris Shaw 6-3. 230 1B Lefty power bat, limited defensively to 1B, Matt Adams comp?
  • 3. Bryan Reynolds 6-2, 210 OF Switch hitter with average speed and polished hitting approach. Fits Giants mold of high-floor, low-ceiling prospects.
  • 4. Stephen Duggar 6-1, 170 CF Another toolsy, under-achieving OF in the Gary Brown mold, hoping for better results.
  • 5. Sandro Fabian 6-0, 180 OF Dominican signee from 2014, shows some pop in his bat. Below average arm and lack of speed should push him towards LF.
  • 6. Aramis Garcia 6-2, 220 C from Florida INTL projects as a good bat behind the dish with enough defensive skill to play there long-term
  • 7. Heliot Ramos 6-2, 185 OF Potential high-ceiling player the Giants have been looking for. Great bat speed, early returns were impressive.
  • 8. Garrett Williams 6-1, 205 LHP Former Oklahoma standout, Giants prototype, low-ceiling, high-floor prospect.
  • 9. Heath Quinn 6-2, 190 OF Strong hitter, makes contact with improving approach at the plate. Returns from hamate bone injury.
  • 10. Seth Corry 6-2 195 LHP Highly regard HS pick. Was mentioned as possible chip in high profile trades.
  • 11. Jacob Gonzalez 6-3, 190 3B Good pedigree, impressive bat for HS prospect.
  • 12. C.J. Hinojosa 5-10, 175 SS Scrappy IF prospect in the mold of Kelby Tomlinson, just gets it done.
  • 13. Shaun Anderson 6-4, 225 RHP Large frame, 3.36 K/BB rate. Can start or relieve
  • 14. Garett Cave 6-4, 200 RHP He misses a lot of bats and at times, the plate. 13 K/9 an 5 B/9. Wild thing.

2018 MLB Draft - Top National HS Players

  • 1. Ethan Hankins 6-6, 215 RHP Forsyth Central HS (GA) Mi 90's FB tops at 96-98, plus breaking ball. Vanderbilt commit.
  • 2. Kumar Rocker 6-5, 250 RHP North Oconee HS (GA) Heavy 98 FB, sharp mid 90's slider. Vanderbilt commit.
  • 3. Matthew Liberatore 6-5, 200 LHP Mountain Ridge HS (AZ) High 3/4 arm slot, 91-93 FB tops at 95, with good feel for pitching. Arizona commit.
  • 4. Slade Cecconi 6-4, 195 RHP Trinity Prep HS (FL) High 90's FB tops at 97, with mid 80's breaking ball. Miami commit.
  • 5. Carter Stewart 6-6, 200 RHP Eau Galle HS (FL) Highest spin rate breaking ball in draft. Mississippi State commit.
  • 6. Luke Bartnicki 6-3, 210 LHP Walton HS (GA) Low 90's FB with command, workable slider. Georgia Tech commit.

2018 Top MLB College Draft Prospects

  • 1. Brady Singer 6-5, 200 RHP Florida Sergio Romo-esque slider from whippy low 3/4 arm slot. Mid 90's FB, sharp slider and change-up. 3.4 K/BB rate.
  • 2. Casey Mize 6-3, 210 RHP Auburn Forearm issues, 96 FB with split/slider mix, 6.2 K/BB ratio.
  • 3. Logan Gilbert 6-6, 205 RHP Stetson Loose arm action, 3 pitch mix, 93-96 FB 3.2 K/BB.
  • 4. Ryan Rollison 6-3, 200 LHP Mississippi Smooth delivery from 3/4 arm slot, 89-93 FB tops at 94/95. Late 1st, early 2nd rounder. 2.8 K/BB rate.
  • 5. Shane McClanahan 6-1, 175 LHP South Florida Thin build, 3/4 arm slot, tall and fall delivery. 93/96 FB range. 3.0 K/BB rate.

2018 Top MLB HS Draft Prospects in Tampa Bay Area

  • 1. Connor Scott 6-4, 180 OF Plant HS (FL) Florida commit.